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Q. Why are my results all over the place?
A. Since the iPhone uses a wireless service for its data connection your results will almost never be consistent. You could do a speedtest in one location, move a half a foot away and get a completely different score, this is just something that happens with wireless data service.

Q. Why are my 3G speeds slow?
A. This again can/does play into it's because its a wireless service, sometime 3G networks are just slow, the same as your cable internet connection can be slow one minute and fast the next. If you are on a iPhone it is slow all the time there are a few things you can try to speed up your connection. Turn off the location services, as well as wifi some have reported that turning these off can in fact speed up the connection. If it is still slow you may just have poor 3G coverage in the area you are testing, you may want to try it in other locations and see if it is faster there.

Testmyiphone.com is a mobile speed test designed for the Apple iPhone. Test your iPhone's download connection speed and compare your results with other's. Register to keep track of all your connection results, and view detailed stats from your results.

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